Hyacinths are one of the most vibrant and wonderfully coloured spring flowers, the more commonly seen colours for these gorgeous blooms are white, lavender and blue. Less common colours are yellow, peach, bright red and dark purple. Fresh cut Hyacinths are a beautiful flower to use in arrangements for Spring time and are easy to care for once you know what to do. That’s why we have put together these Hyacinth care and handling tips, follow these simple steps and help your flowers bloom into their gorgeous colours.

1. Hyacinths arrive in bud form

When our fresh Hyacinths arrive in bud please don’t be alarmed by their lack of initial colour, they are best shipped in this form. The stubby base you see at the bottom of the stem is actually a part of the Hyacinth bulb and doesn’t need cutting.

2. Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin

Please be careful when handling the bulb of the Hyacinth as it can cause irritation to sensitive skin. Wearing gloves is a good way to avoid any irritation to sensitive skin.

3. Unwrap and remove bands

When your Hyacinths arrive, unwrap and carefully cut any elastic bands holding the stems together and remove any loose foliage. If you’re displaying your Hyacinths in a glass jug or vase you can give the base of the stems a quick rinse if there is any sand or dirt still on the bulbs, make sure to keep the blooms dry.

4. Don’t cut the Hyacinths

To ensure long lasting blooms please do not cut the stems of the Hyacinths. The basal plate is best left intact as they will hydrate better and last longer if left uncut in the vase. Although this may seem counterproductive, the stems are best left how they are.


5. Place in clean water

Fill your vase with around 4 inches of cool water, ensure that your chosen vase is tall enough to support the Hyacinths as they are quite top heavy. As the Hyacinths begin to bloom they will become more top heavy so it is important to choose a vase that is tall enough to support their weight as they come in to bloom.

6. Enjoy the blooms and fragrance

After a day of the Hyacinths hydrating in water the blooms will begin to open. Ensure that you have given them enough space to bloom and they aren’t packed too closely together. As the blooms open up you can enjoy their gorgeous fragrance which will become more prominent as they open up. Keep your Hyacinths in a cool place out of direct sunlight, change the water every couple of days or so to help keep the flowers as fresh as possible. If you follow these handy tips then they should last for 5-7 days.


So now you know how to properly take care of your Hyacinths you can see how easy and hassle free these beautiful blooms really are! We hope you have found these tips helpful and your beautiful blooms last as long as possible.