Changing your Delivery Address, Gift Message or Delivery Date.

Should you need to edit your gift message, delivery address or delivery date prior to your order being sent to our florists to process, you can do so in your account.

Any orders that can still have edits made will show an 'edit order' option next to it in your account, so long as you are logged in.

When you click on this you will be taken to the order summary page, and 'Edit' will be shown in brown next to editable sections. You can edit and save the new details.

Please note that you only have a limited period to make changes to an order after placing it.  After this period you will be directed to contact customer service who might be able to help depending on what stage the order is at.

In order for us to get gift items delivered on time, we run to tight deadlines and it is not always possible to make changes or stop an order from going out.

Make a change to my order

Please note, if you are looking to add items to your order, we would suggest you place a new order with the items in question.